Our new 50w LED headlight upgrade kits are AMAZINGLY bright!

They feature CREE LED's and have high and low beam in the one H4 globe, each kit contains everything you need to easily fit to your car. Installation is very easy, just un-plug your original globe and replace with the new CREE globe and plug in.. that's it! NO messy wires or extra power wires are needed, just plug and play

They are much brighter than normal halogen globes and have a massive life span or 25000 hours, We offer a 2 year warranty on this kit. 

Putting out 1800 LM ( High Beam), 1600 LM ( Low Beam) they are a great light upgrade when compared to normal halogen globes which use up to 200w! Our new LED kit uses just 2 amps or just 50w!! Thats just a quarter of the wattage and almost double the light!


They are a little more expensive than an upgraded halogen globe, but keep in mind the life span is around 25000 hours and you are getting a 2 year warranty.. more than 20 times the life span when compared to a narva +120 globe.


Feel free to use the Green "contact us" button on the bottom right of the screen if you have any questions at all.


We only have H4 stock at the moment, but all other globes are on the way.. These are great!!

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