Our brand new LED Headlight conversion kits are BRIGHT!

Each housing is made from the best 6063 aluminium, so rust is not an issue. Each globe holds 8 of the best and brightest USA made XT-E CREE LED chips with 4 being used for low beam (20w) and all 8 used for high beam (40w) you can be sure that a full 6400lm will light up the road very very well. The powerful XT-E CREE LED's give a full 360° beam angle which is important for a full body beam of light. Using 6063 aluminium for excellent heat sinking performance, we have created Cutting edge 360° heat cooling technology with the use of a fully waterproof fan, in fact the whole kit is fully waterproof and submersible.

Installation is very straight forward by literally un-plugging your standard H4 globe and plug in the new LED kit in! The kit is has fully automatic temperature control and is safe to use in any light housing (plastic or glass etc.. )

This kit will come with everything you need to fit and run, with both powerful globes, ballasts ( plug and play) also included are a set of coloured lenses (not needed but some great effects can be made with these! )

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