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12AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery Deep Cycle Batteries Camping Heavy Duty 4WD

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The latest technology has gone into this battery and has been engineered to meet the rigorous demands of Australian conditions
Extra heavy duty construction from Heat robust vibration in 4wd's caravans and camper trailers
This High Performance battery is designed to be used as an AUXILIARY battery power bank
Lead acid battery must be recycled or disposed of properly

12V heavy duty 12AH AGM deep circle
Fully Compact,Maintenance-Free,save time and money
Low self discharge
Super long life span
Portable design
Free terminal caps
Fresh stock
Tightly sealed construction makes it be used in any position

Brand: Mobi Camping
Condition: Brand New
Battery Type: AGM Deep Circle
Model: 12V/12AH
Standby Use: 13.5~13.8V
Cycle Use: 14.4~15.0V
Max Initial Current: Less than 3.6A
Product Dimension: 150x65x95mm
Weight: 2.0kg

In the Box
1 x 12AH/12V AGM Battery

1 Year Warranty