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ATEM POWER Solar Panel 200W 12V Kit Mono Shingled Fixed Caravan Camping Power

ATEM POWER Solar Panel 200W 12V Kit Mono Shingled Fixed Caravan Camping Power

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Solar panels provide a way to capture the sun’s energy and put it to power your batteries. But ATEM POWER has taken a step further by integrating the newest shingled solar cell technology into its shingled solar panels/shingled panel with the key advantages: more power, improved reliability and more aesthetic. This 200W shingled solar panel avoids the use of ribbons, busbars, and soldering processes, the cells are cut into 5 or 6 strips then joined together using electrically conductive adhesives (ECA). So there is nothing but pure cell, and you’ll get 15~20% output than traditional RV solar panel since it is designed to capture more solar energy per square meter. For conventional solar panels, a shaded part can have a significant effect on power output, whereas the cells of this shingled panel are wired in parallel that significantly reduce the losses and hot spot effect caused by shade. IP-68 rating helps it defy harsh conditions, and no visible circuitry gives it a sleek look.


  • Shingled Cell Tech: This tech avoids the use of ribbons, busbars but creates a string of strips, so more cells are exposed to sunlight for increased energy harvest.
  • Improved Reliability: Shingled solar panel is more resistant to failure caused by external forces applied to the panel when compared to conventional solar panels.
  • Less Energy Loss: The shingled cells are wired in parallel that significantly reduces the losses and hotspot effect caused by shade compared with traditional panel.
  • Greater Output: Jointed together by using electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) instead of busbars, you’ll get improved 15~20% output than traditional panel.
  • Unbeatable Rigidity: Built with a tough aluminium frame and a thick tempered glass, this shingled solar panel is designed to stand up to harsh conditions.
  • All Weatherproof: This shingled panel has an IP68 waterproof rating, so no worries about the rainy days. It will be with you to keep your electronics running.
  • Suitable for Most Batteries: This 200W shingled solar panel is compatible with lead acid, AGM, GEL, Flooded, lithium-ion and LiFePO4 batteries
  • Diverse Application: The ATEM POWER 200W shingled solar panel is perfect for 4WDs, utes, vans, camper trailers, caravans and even boats!
  • More Aesthetic: This shingled solar panels has no visible circuitry which gives it clean, simple and sleek look while providing superior appeal.


Material: Shingled Cells
Maximum Power: 200W
Open-Circuit Voltage (VOC): 22.36V
Short-Circuit Current (ISC): 11.37A
Maximum Power Voltage (VMP): 18.64V
Maximum Power Current (IMP): 10.72A
Maximum System Voltage: 500V
Temperature Range: -40°C~ 80°C
Power Tolerance: ± 3%
Color: Black
Package Size: 117.5x92x4cm
Gross Weight: 12.94kg



1 x ATEM POWER 200W Shingled Solar Panel




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