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Bunker Indust 4WD Recovery Kit Off Road Snatch Strap Hitch Receiver Bow Shackles

Bunker Indust 4WD Recovery Kit Off Road Snatch Strap Hitch Receiver Bow Shackles

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Stay confident on the trails with reliable off-road recovery gears is the difference between getting home and staring stuck. Whether you're a seasoned off-roader or just starting out, having the right kit your arsenal is key. By having BUNKER INDUST recovery kit at hand, you'll be ready to tackle any obstacle! The kit includes a 30 ft x 3 inch snatch strap made from high-quality Polyester, boasting a 32,000 lbs breaking strength. You'll also appreciate the peace of mind that comes with the 2 rust-resistant bow shackles, capable of towing up to 4.75 tons. The hitch lock, constructed from PVC coated forged iron, is built to handle anything that comes its way, and its tubular lock mechanism provides added security against theft. With a solid hitch receiver boasting a 4.75 ton capacity and neon orange color for improved visibility, you'll feel confident and ready for anything. The kit also features protective sleeves, isolators on the strap and shackles to keep everything in top condition.


  • Comprehensiveness: The BUNKER INDUST recovery kit is complete with everything: a snatch strap, a pair of bow shackles, a hitch receiver and a hitch lock!
  • Stronger Bow Shackle: Made of rust and corrosion resistant PVC coated forged iron, it promises 4.75 tons towing capacity to recover stranded vehicles.
  • Solid Snatch Strap: This Polyester snatch strap, which measures 30ft, has a breaking strength of 32,000 lbs, and flat shape makes wrapping easier.
  • Tough Hitch Lock: Made of PVC coated forged iron, it is sturdy enough to resist drilling or even hammer blows, making it ideal to effectively deter theft.
  • Anti-Theft Construction: This hitch lock integrates tubular lock mechanism which can effectively prevent any picking and prying.
  • Sturdy Hitch Receiver: Made of PVC coated aluminum, this BUNKER INDUST hitch receiver is designed to withstand up to 4.75 tons of weight!
  • Sturdy Carry Bag: This carry bag can conveniently store all your off road recovery kit and its reflective strips provide a visibility boost at night!
  • Optimized Design: Neon orange color gives a visibility boost, isolator protect shackle from abrasion, Polyester sleeve protects the strap from abrasion.


Snatch Strap: 76mm x 9m
Snatch Strap Capacity: 32,000 LBS
Bow Shackle Material: Forged Iron
Bow Shackle Capacity: 4.75T
Carry Bag Material: Oxford Fabric
Hitch Receiver Material: Aluminum
Hitch Receiver Capacity: 4.75T
Package Size: 350x190x170mm
Gross Weight: 7.34KG


1x 3”x 30FT Snatch Strap | 32,000LBS
2x Bow Shackles | 4.75T each
Pair Bow Shackle Isolators
1x Hitch Receiver | 4.75T
1x Hitch Lock
2x Tubular Keys
2x Hitch Pin Clips
1x Carry Bag


1 Year Warranty
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