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DC 12V 30A Wiring Harness kit Loom 14AWG Wire For LED LIGHT BAR Driving Lights

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Professionally assembled wiring loom, suitable for driving lights
Most of the wire ends are terminated with spade/plug or ring fitting for quick fitment
The on/off switch is press button type with adhesive backing for easy mounting
The switching relay is rated to 40A, so you could wire 10 or more driving lights (depending on the wattage)
Has a built in 30A replaceable blade fuse holder too. This is a convenience way to wire your driving lights
Wiring Kits Connecting Instruction Available Upon Request

Mouse style switch with adhesive backing
30A Fuse for overload and short circult protection
40A Rated automotive power relay
The red wires to battery positive(+),black wires to negative(-),easy DIY installation
2 Ways connection,can wire two lamps at the same time
suitable for HID/Halogen/LED lights and light bars

Condition: Brand New
Model: LB-40A-RELAY
Wiring loom: 14AWG wire
Relay 12V DC 40A switching relay
Fuse: 30A blade fuse with holder
Length: Up to 3.0 metres
Switch: Press button on/off switch
Terminal: Terminal ends on most wires

In the Box
1x 12V DC Wiring loom kit

1 Year Warranty