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Defend Indust 38inch E-MARK LED Light Bar Slim Single Row Work Driving Lamp 4X4

Defend Indust 38inch E-MARK LED Light Bar Slim Single Row Work Driving Lamp 4X4

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No matter how good the headlights of your 4x4 may be, they’re no match for the pitch blackness in the dark. The Defend Indust 40" LED light bar eliminates the chances of bumping into jagged rocks or stumbling across a mud pit, and this 4x4 LED light bar /off road LED light bar also provides tremendous amounts of light. This 40" LED light bar has been optically upgraded with curved reflector cup to harvest more light and deliver even and penetrative driving beams. Boosted by CREE LEDs, this 4x4 LED light bar is able to deliver 9,045LM with 1Lux@720M and enhanced mid to long-range illumination. Its slim profile is ideal for 4x4s that don’t have sufficient space for large LED light bars, and dual mounting options (side and bottom) are for secure and flexible mounting on a variety of positions. Designed with full frontal screen, and sealed by UV resin that is extreme temperature and water resistant, this IP-68 rated light bar is also equipped with integrated heat sinks for longer lifespan.


  • Super Luminosity: 9,045 lumen output by CREE and remarkable driving beam delivers ultra 1Lux@720m with enhanced mid to long-range illumination.
  • Optic Focus Tech: This technology integrates curved reflectors to maximize light harvesting, delivering well distributed and highly penetrative driving beams.
  • Full Frontal Screen: This design, enhanced by extreme temperature and water resistant UV resin, offers IP-68 rating and an unique identity on the road.
  • Tough Construction: Aluminum housing with rustproof coating, scratch and fade resistant PC lens and stainless steel side mounted brackets are built to last.
  • Slim Profile: This slim LED light generates monstrous luminosity with a small amount of space, which is ideal for vehicles that don’t space for large light bars.
  • Dual Mounting Options: Integrating both side mount and rear mount options, this light bar is designed to be securely and flexibly mounted on a variety of positions.
  • Optimized Design: Built-in circuit board and resistor protect it from flashing, over-current/voltage and circuit interference, and breather eliminates condensation.
  • Integrated Heat Conduction: The integrated heat sink provides more efficient transfer of heat, thus securing the light bar with a longer lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • E-Mark Certified: This Defend Indust light bar is certified by E-Mark for visibility, durability, and reliability to secure the safety of others.
  • Added Benefits: A waterproof DT wiring harness, which is UV, heat and corrosion resistant, is included to deliver added convenience.


Light Bar Dimension: 38"
LUX Rating: 1LUX @720m
Lumen: 9,045LM
Operating Voltage: 9-30V DC
IP Rating: IP68
Colour Temperature (CCT): 5,700K
Housing Material: Black Aluminium Die cast Housing
Lens: PC
Mounting Bracket: Stainless Steel
Beam Type: Driving Beam
Operating Environment: -40~+80° Celsius
Relative Light Intensity: 78%
Life Span: 50,000 Hours
Package Dimension 117.5cm x 11cm x 6cm
Gross Weight 3.06KG



  • 1x 38inch led light bar
  • 2x Side Mounted Brackets
  • 2x Bottom Mounted Brackets
  • 1x Wiring Harness
  • 1 set Bolts & Nuts Kit

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