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RED 11PCS Bunker Indust Winch Recovery Kit with 15T Pair Recovery Tracks

RED 11PCS Bunker Indust Winch Recovery Kit with 15T Pair Recovery Tracks

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Hit the unknown path prepared with a off-road recovery kit is the finest choice you can make, because you never know when or where you will get stuck! This off-road recovery kit comes with a pair of 15 Tons capacity steady recovery tracks, a snatch strap, which measures 30 ft and have a width of 3 inches, that is made from Polyester with a breaking strength of 32,000 to recover most vehicles with ease! And 2 rust and corrosion resistant bow shackles promise 4.75 tons towing capacity. Constructed using rust, scratch and corrosion resistant PVC coated forged iron, this hitch lock is built to handle any drilling or hammer blows with ease. And it also provides added security through its tubular lock mechanism to prevent picking and prying! And the solid hitch receiver is designed with a capacity of 4.75 tons. Neon orange color and reflective strips give a visibility boost, and protective sleeve and isolators on the strap and shackles prevent abrasion.


  • Comprehensiveness: The BUNKER INDUST recovery kit is complete with everything: a pair of mini recovery tracks, a snatch strap, a pair of bow shackles, a hitch receiver and a hitch lock!
  • Super Versatility: This jack base is compatible with most farm jacks and ARB jack, and a mini track could be placed under it to provide a solid surface for lifting.
  • Tougher But Lighter: Weighed only 3.62kg, these BUNKER INDUST extraction devices can withstand weight of up to 15 tons.
  • Strengthened Teeth: The cross-shaped teeth, well positioned to bite the tyres to prevent vehicle from slipping back, will not melt against drastic wheel spin.
  • Dual Capabilities: The bottom adopts the same layout of the top to either provide a firmer grip of the ground,e.g. mud, snow or sand, or for vehicle recovery.
  • Stronger Bow Shackle: Made of rust and corrosion resistant PVC coated forged iron, it promises 4.75 tons towing capacity to recover stranded vehicles.
  • Solid Snatch Strap: This Polyester snatch strap, which measures 30ft, has a breaking strength of 32,000 lbs, and flat shape makes wrapping easier.
  • Tough Hitch Lock: Made of PVC coated forged iron, it is sturdy enough to resist drilling or even hammer blows, making it ideal to effectively deter theft.
  • Anti-Theft Construction: This hitch lock integrates tubular lock mechanism which can effectively prevent any picking and prying.
  • Sturdy Hitch Receiver: Made of PVC coated aluminum, this BUNKER INDUST hitch receiver is designed to withstand up to 4.75 tons of weight!


Recovery Board Material: Automotive grade reinforced PA6
Product Weight: 5.34 kg
Maximum Load: 15 ton load capacity on flat ground
Colour: Red Recovery Track & Orange Jack Base
Ambient Temperatures: -30°C ~ 60°C
Snatch Strap: 76mm x 9m
Snatch Strap Capacity: 32,000 LBS
Bow Shackle Material: Forged Iron
Bow Shackle Capacity: 4.75T
Carry Bag Material: Oxford Fabric
Hitch Receiver Material: Aluminum
Hitch Receiver Capacity: 4.75T



 Pair BUNKER INDUST Recovery Boards (Red)

1x 3”x 30FT Snatch Strap | 32,000LBS

2x Bow Shackles | 4.75T each

Pair Bow Shackle Isolators

1x Hitch Receiver | 4.75T

1x Hitch Lock

2x Tubular Keys

1x Carry Bag


2 Years Warranty


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